We undertake the role of a pioneering institution with the studies in the formation of sustainable policies and practices both nationwide and in the sector by being aware of the difficulties in the Medical Textile sector.

Our corporate sustainability strategies, guidelines and activities are handled hand in hand with Total Quality Management and Human Resources Management.

We are announced one of the leading companies by sharing our experiences and practices especially in the fields of "decent work, gender equality and human rights as well as actively taking part in international initiatives and plaQorms to improve and direct our practices

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It is our most important duty to leave an undamaged living environment to new generations, to set environmentally friendly goals to improve our energy efficiency and to investigate the use of energy-efficient technologies that reduce our environmental impact.

We define sustainability as “continuous improvement that helps meet the needs of the current generation without sacrificing the ability to meet the needs of future generations”.

To this end, we as TRN MODA are commiWed to saving energy and recycling, recycling all solid waste off-site and using environmentally friendly raw materials, dyes and chemicals in all of our products in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 and REACH standards.

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With this statement of principles, TRN MODA emphasizes the importance and priority that the company aWaches to the issue, as well as the principles of corporate social responsibility.

As TRN MODA, we undertajke to adapt the employment rules and conditions to secure our workers’ under national and international labor and social security legislation and regulations, including employment, wage and other rights, promotion, discipline, dismissal or retirement issues; nobody will be discriminated against based on religion, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, nationality, politial preference, social group or ethnic origin, our employees will be at least 15 years old, we will fulfill the legal requirements of working hours, salaries, job type and conditions same for young employees;We will respect the rights of employees to freedom of associa>on and collective bargaining, provide a safe and healthy workplace environment ; comly with all national laws to prevent accidents and injuries that may occur during work.

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Each of our Business Development Centers contributes to our organization by providing knowledge of the market.

Our experienced technical and research teams are pushing existing limits to develop specific qualities, techniques, products and production processes.

This determined work positions us as one of the leaders of the global medical textile market.

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Our company has a strong global supply network in purchasing non-woven, kniWed or woven fabrics and accessories from both national and international suppliers.

TRN Medteks Medical expreienced technical and buying teams are working to developing and buying specail qualities , products and prodıction processes.

As TRN MedTeks Medical Textile; We work for the satisfaction of our customers with high quality products and foreseeing the needs in medical sector effectively .

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