Sterilization is carried out with 9 m3 AX9000 sterilization machine in accordance with the EN-ISO 11135-1 standard with the Ethylene Oxide method in house . Working system with 100% EO and negative pressure, sterilization and ventilation are carried out in the same cabinet with the microcomputer operating system.

Kit-based EO sterilizers are new generation gas sterilizers with gas diffusion technology. The products ,to be sterilized, are put in the liner bag together with the gas cartridge, moisture chip and dosimeter and the mouth is closed.

- High technology

- 100% EO

- Negative pressure working system

- Sterilization and ventilation in the same cabin

- 100% safety

- Microcomputer operating system

- Modular sterilization bag can be added

- Cabin safety pressure and immediate monitoring

- Low gas consumption

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