Experienced and skilled machine operators of TRN MODA, to which TRN MedTeks Medikal Tekstil is affiliated, constitute the most important advantage in competition.

With 30 years of experience and working with international top quality brands for many years, it serves its customers the highest possible quality.

Our sewing department, as TRN FASHION enterprie, produces highest quality and provides on time delivery.

It is one of the leading garment facility that has standardized its high production quality as a result of periodic personnel training.

We have the below production capacity by our sewing lines , that has all kinds of infrastructure to be able to meet today's customer demands as well as our experienced suppliers , we combine laminated fabrics with ultrasonic welding method, which completely eliminates the risk of liquid passage and at the same time provides comfort to the user by breathing.

• 1.000.000 pieces per day disposable medical mask ( Class I, Class Is Type IIR )

• 1.000.000 pieces per day washable fabric face mask

• 500.000 pieces per day disposable surcigal gown ( Class I, Class Is, Type II, Type III )

• 150.000 pieces per day disposable overall ( Cat III, Type 5,Type 6 )

Tek Kullanımlık Maskeler