We declare our ‘Quality Policy ‘ in our activities in the Medical Textile sector, based on our ‘Mission’ , ‘vision’ and our ‘primary Values" to come together with all our employees around a common aim.

TRN MODA TRN MedTeks; focuses on the ‘mission’of the highest quality based on customers’s satisfaction ,targeting to fulfill Quality Management System to in order to make quality a principle, to ensure its continuity and to provide service in accordance with customer needs and expectations.

We monitor and provide the highest quality standarts starting from buying to shipment .

Our quality assessment starts at the beginning of the supply chain. The compliance of the technical features, qualifications and details required in fabric and material purchasing and procurement is meticulously controlled, and physical and laboratory tests are applied.

All inline controls and inspection is done strictly by our Quality Control team on base of requested high quality as well as all stages of production.The final inspections are done in house in accordance with quality standarts before shipment .

Our quality and responsibility mission is not classified or limited by the product. We implement the leading international social standarts as well as applying the requireemnts of national labor law by focusing on the health and safety of our employees.

Our company is Sedex, BSCI, EN ISO 13485 approved and this creates trust in our customers in terms of international standards by social compliance.

As TRN MODA, we undertake to fulfill the principles of "environmental ethics, business ethics, working standards, health and safety" based on four main principles by Social Compliance.

Our relationships with our business partners are based on trust, respect and transparency.

We and our customers consider each other as business partners based on long-term and trustable partnership rather than a supplier and customer.


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