Our styling – paWern cusng department is one of the strongest parts of our business with its fast service, expert employees in the sector, special design and product development departments and computerized pawern system.

Our experienced staff transforms the models received from the customers into ready-to-cut paWerns according to the fabric properties, using the technology they have.

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In this section, patterns and technical drawings of all our products are prepared. It is the starting point of the sample and production process.

PaWerns prepared with ASSYST-CAD systems are sent to the PC of the Cuwer machine by mail. The operator calls the order number of the pattern from the screen integrated to the machine and starts the cusng process.

The design, styling and technical drawing file of the products are prepared with the AutoCAD program. Sample and production processes are carried out according to this prepared technical drawing.

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Fully automatic computerized cusng systems are used in cusng that requires precision and speed.

All stages from preparation of patterns ,grading and laying the fabric to cusng are computerized and spreading and cusng processes of all raw materials and auxiliary materials subjected to cusng process are carried out automatically by automatic spreading and cutter machines.

Fabric particles, occuring during the cusng and affecting the product safety , are completely removed with the vacuum feature of cutter .In addition, with the high process efficiency of the cutter, the tolerances and environmental effects in the process are also minimized.

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Experienced and skilled machine operators of TRN MODA, to which TRN MedTeks Medikal Tekstil is affiliated, constitute the most important advantage in competition.

With 30 years of experience and working with international top quality brands for many years, it serves its customers the highest possible quality.

Our sewing department, as TRN FASHION enterprie, produces highest quality and provides on time delivery.

It is one of the leading garment facility that has standardized its high production quality as a result of periodic personnel training.

We have the below production capacity by our sewing lines , that has all kinds of infrastructure to be able to meet today's customer demands as well as our experienced suppliers , we combine laminated fabrics with ultrasonic welding method, which completely eliminates the risk of liquid passage and at the same time provides comfort to the user by breathing.

• 1.000.000 pieces per day disposable medical mask ( Class I, Class Is Type IIR )

• 1.000.000 pieces per day washable fabric face mask

• 500.000 pieces per day disposable surcigal gown ( Class I, Class Is, Type II, Type III )

• 150.000 pieces per day disposable overall ( Cat III, Type 5,Type 6 )

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Clean Room conditions are provided with Air-Lock door systems with disinfection stations in all entrance and exit areas.

Production is carried out in the Clean Room production areas , which are conditioned in accordance with Class 10.000 standarts where critical variables such as temperature, humidity, positive pressure and particles that may affect product quality are constantly monitored and recorded.

Production is carried out in clean areas validated in ISO Class 7 in accordance with GMP rules and EN ISO 14644-1 standarts. In addition, the produc>on processes and the products we produce have been secured with the relevant Medical Device Directives and quality management systems and are certified with CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 13795 + A1.

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Products are packaged by automatical packaging & labelling machines in validated Clean Room ,in a hygienic, anti-bacterial and conditioned area.

Packaging process is carried out in our thermo-forming packaging device, which has been validated in accordance with the standard of validation for forming, sealing and joining processes and is periodically re-validated.

Labels with lot numbers are aWached to each product to ensure the product traceability.

Before packaging, one more layer of protective lot bag is used in order to prevent the sterility of the product in case of possible destroy of the export carton.

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Sterilization is carried out with 9 m3 AX9000 sterilization machine in accordance with the EN-ISO 11135-1 standard with the Ethylene Oxide method in house . Working system with 100% EO and negative pressure, sterilization and ventilation are carried out in the same cabinet with the microcomputer operating system.

Kit-based EO sterilizers are new generation gas sterilizers with gas diffusion technology. The products ,to be sterilized, are put in the liner bag together with the gas cartridge, moisture chip and dosimeter and the mouth is closed.

- High technology

- 100% EO

- Negative pressure working system

- Sterilization and ventilation in the same cabin

- 100% safety

- Microcomputer operating system

- Modular sterilization bag can be added

- Cabin safety pressure and immediate monitoring

- Low gas consumption

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