Product details

Document: CE, FDA, ISO 13485

Brand Name: TRN MedTeks

Model No: TRN MT-DLSG-L3-01

Model No: TRN MT-DLSG-L3-01S

Product Name: Disposable Laminated Clothing Made of PP / PE

Use: Water-repellent disposable surgical gown

Material: SS 100% PP non-woven

Gramaje: 45-50-55 g / m2 Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL

Classification: Class I, Class Is

Color: Medical Blue

Level: AAMI PB70 Level 3 Medium Risk


Material Information

• Made from spunbond and PE laminate film

• Cuffs made of sweat-absorbing, elastic 100% kniWed fabric

• Alcohol, repellent to liquids

• Antistatic

• Cardboard box for easy use of belts

• Sterile or not sterile

• Each product is individually packaged


Tests: EN 13795: 1-2019, AAMI PB 70


EN 13795: 1-2019: Surgical drapes, aprons and clean air suits, medical products for patients and clinical staff Performance requirements of the test methods and general specifications for the performance level for manufacturers, processors of the products

ANSI / AAMI PB70: Liquid Barrier Performance and Classification of Protective Apparel and Drapes for Use on Health Barriers

AATCC 42: Water Resistance - Impact Penetration Test

AATCC 127: Water Resistance - Hydrostatic Pressure Test

LEVEL 3 For medium risk situations: medical unit, anterior blood draw, intravenous introduction, emergency room, trauma

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